Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tom Furtney loves Genius for Salesforce

"SalesGenius delivers critical functionality that makes our Salesforce deployment even more powerful," said Tom Furtney, Sales Director of JobScience. "The ability to instantly track our prospects' behavior, its seamless integration with Salesforce, and its incredible ease of use make SalesGenius an invaluable sales tool which has helped us generate revenue from day one."


MAC & SAAS as Quoted in MacWorld

The rise of Web-based computing

Another trend facilitating Mac use in business is the increased enterprise dependecy on SaaS, wherein a diverse array of applications—from sales-force automation through supply-chain coordination—is delivered through the browser. Most SaaS applications have not relied on ActiveX, given SaaS’ inherent goal of making apps available to anyone, anywhere. This push toward platform agnosticism translates to the use of standards, letting the Mac right in. Ted Elliott, CEO of recruiting software provider Jobscience, says he has noted a rise in Mac customers now that Jobscience has moved to the SaaS model—customers his platform supports out of the box.

Beyond Firefox and SaaS, many enterprise app developers have adopted the Web as a portal to their apps, following the strong Web-portal drive of the late 1990s.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Support Team is telling me that no one is sure where the economy is headed

One of my team members summarized a meeting he just sat on as follows: Nobody is really sure which direction the economy is going to take and data is indicating that employers are not taking drastic steps to reduce or increase the workforce. In fact, planned cuts to the workforce have been scaled back. According to the MonsterTRACK survey 59% of employees still intend to hire recent college grads, entry level pay is up 9.7% over last year. The “retirement” boom may reduce hiring in the immediate future as many boomers have lost value in their house and retirement portfolios. Average time of unemployment remains in the 3 month range, with a full 90% of workers finding an equivalent or better position. In particular, professional service talent tends to job +industry hop (i.e: Healthcare administrators, accounts tend to JOB HOP – making it even more important to have a pipeline of talent for these kinds of positions (and I would guess that these are the types of candidates that are always passively looking). The difference in this recession compared to last is the root of the problem: in the early part of the decade the .com bubble burst, this time sectors related to mortgage back securities are feeling the pinch: some financials, construction, and related retail. Sectors that are GROWING or RECESSION RESISTANT: Energy (traditional, green, and new), security in general, Security information technology, hospitals, other healthcare: Home health aids, medical assistants. Agility is increasingly important to business. Vurv hosted this event, and in their two minute commercial the pitch was for software that can help mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring.

This sounds to me like the agility offered by software as a service may be a real plus in a slowing economy. What do you think?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Google and Salesforce

Google and salesforce together is what we have all been waiting for to be done with the microsoft monster. Instand sharing of documents and project collaboration, now we can combine all our key business applications out of the microsoft world. We are really excited about what this means for the business web.