Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jobscience & Direct2Dell

TechKnowledge: A Conversation with Ted Elliott, CEO of Jobscience
By Bob Pearson, VP Communities, Dell

When we talk about jobs, the conversation is often about how and where you go to get one. Much less time is spent talking about how employers can more effectively link their needs with the right people in a more efficient manner. And yet, if asked off the record, I bet quite a few human resources professionals would be eager to hear about new ways to automate this work, so they can spend more time on the actual recruitment of a candidate.

Recently, I caught up with Ted Elliott, CEO of Jobscience, who is figuring this out in the cloud. Here is what Ted had to say.

Q: Ted, what led you to start Jobscience?

A: We wanted to connect employers with jobseekers, our hypothesis was that if we could make the application process easier then more people could find the right job.

Q: What was the opening you saw in the marketplace?
A: A hospital we worked with asked us to transform our job board technology into an application system for their facility and then told us after a quarter they made more hires than the entire year before we setup the system for them. This let us know that automation of the recruitment process was "mission critical."

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