Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jobscience featured in bMighty

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Running Your Business In The Cloud

September 29, 2008
By Mathew Schwartz

The lure of cloud computing is obvious: freedom from managing applications, platforms, and infrastructure -- abstracting IT complexity to the point where it just works and, often, at a much lower price than running or hosting it yourself. That appeal has spawned a growing, vocal contingent of cloud computing "completists" who are more than happy to surrender their IT concerns to the cloud.

Software developer Jobscience has a robust technology infrastructure covering everything from software development to HR. But look at what the company lacks: an IT department, servers, and virtually any business software running on-premises. Instead, the 20-employee, San Francisco-based outfit, which develops talent management applications for the health care industry, runs almost entirely "in the cloud."

"We are running the whole business from the cloud, with the exception of ledger," says Jobscience CEO Ted Elliott. That means "development, marketing support, sales, expense, HR, paid time off, and more," and he's even testing CODA and Intacct to run ledger from the cloud.