Thursday, February 28, 2008

Marketing Intelligence

One of the most successful digital marketing solutions we have implemented is aptly named Genius. When I use it, my sales team thinks I am the genius- but it is in fact the very smart Web 2.0 software that integrates with our contact database. On the surface, Genius is a mass email marketing tool- but when the core functionality is tapped into, it can really help your sales team be more efficient and productive. Here’s a few of my favorite features:

1. The Genius Tracker. Not only does the tracker pop up to tell me an email recipient has just opened my email, or is visiting my web site, but the more important intelligence this gives me is that this prospect is is online and engaged with our solution. If a sales rep can call 40 people in a day, and a blast to 5000 prospects shows me that 40 of those prospects are online and engaged, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who to call. That rep’s going to have a much more productive day calling people who they know are in the office. Less voicemails, less brushoffs, less calls to people who don’t work there anymore.

2. Smartgroups. Unlike other email marketing automation software, Genius maintains a constant connection to my database, refreshing the data to reflect changes in our system. This means I don’t have to maintain a spreadsheet or campaign of my target email recipients. I can use a handy report called a “Smartgroup” which functions similarly to a report in salesforce. If a record is changed and no longer meets the criteria of the Smartgroup, then it won’t be included in the email blast. I can spend less time micro-managing subscribers, and more time sending targeted email campaigns to the right people.

3. Visit Replay. Most email systems can only tell me that an email recipient “clicked through” or maybe which link they clicked on. Genius creates a time-stamped slideshow of the prospect’s visit to your website, whether they viewed one page or twenty. This is where the real intelligence can come into play. Before I call a prospect, I can see they briefly visited our Customers page, our Solutions, and then finally navigated to our Test Drive signup page and hung there for five and a half minutes. I look in our and see that they didn’t actually sign up for the test drive. Now I’m ready to call; and my pitch should reflect their activity. “Good morning Mr. X, thanks for taking some time to open my email. Jobscience has a very satisfied customer base because we stand by our solutions. Our most important asset is our customer. If you’d like to get a feel for the Jobscience experience, maybe I could sign you up for a test drive. Do you have any questions or concerns about that?”

Some slick technology and amateur psychology can go a long way towards making an effective email-based sales campaign!

Friday, February 22, 2008


We are increasingly being contact by non profits who are taking advantage of salesforce. At first I did not get the impact of exposing non profits to CRM, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Non Profits have highly motivated staff who want to make a difference and when they start using the CRM platform they can really have an impact on their organizations. We have decided to start offering configuration and consulting services to Non Profits at a discount to what we offer our other clients. The particular areas of focus we have with non-profits are taking advantage of not just using the force to manage donations and fundraising but the actual business operations liek recruiting, expense reporting, events, clients ( the homeless, students, etc ) with the force.

It is exciting to be able to help people and learn from them the best ways to utilize the platform. We have spent some time with they target assisting veterans returning from Iraq and Afganistan. I highly encourage users to think of ways they can use their knowledge of the force to help others.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You have to see this Video

This video really lays out the upside of sales automation, plus it is very funny, visit Wallstrip on YouTube for a laugh regarding CRM

New Webinar Series

We are starting a webinar series to highlight how to get the most out of the platform. This series will highlight how you can run your entire business on the platform. We are being approached daily by folks who have purchased salesforce and want to figure out how to get more out of the product.

Webinar 1 - Candidate Relationship Management - Best Practices for Recruitment in Web 2.0

InsideView for Salesforce

We started using the AppExchange to get free ideas that would help us set up our business processes in salesforce, this followed 24 months of trying and failing to deploy a CRM from a large software vendor in Seattle. When we first started using AppExchange we were hesitant to pay for marketing add on programs.

We started using InsideView about three months ago and it has fed us a healthy set of leads and information that helps us trigger news stories about target clients. Our sales group has easily adopted the product, I think the best piece of the technology is the slick mash up in salesforce's account record. It took us very little time to implement.